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    This Weeks 3 Indie Games To Check Out

    We checked out this weeks latest Indie Highlights as recommended by the app store, here are the top 3 games we think you should be playing: Once Upon a Tower  Prince Charming failed to save you but in his failure, he’s left behind his hammer; now it’s up to you to save yourself and escape […] More

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    3 Trending Games That Stood Out To Me… Based On Title

    I took a peak at the current trending games and decided on three titles to download and play based on their name. Without knowing what to expect, and not reading any of the reviews (I mean… they are trending for a reason, right?) I went gung-ho and pressed “install.” Here are my findings… 1. Chicken […] More

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    Three Photography Apps You Should Avoid

    We all love to take photos with our magical phones, and apps make it possible to capture memories and turn them into artistic moments, or give them that little bit of extra. There are a ton of great apps out there… but there are also some photography apps that you shouldn’t bother downloading. We did […] More

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    Does Super Mario Run Fulfill My Oldschool Super Mario Needs?

    When I saw Super Mario Run for the first time, I was instantly intrigued. As a running game, it has a different feel then my other adventures with Mario through the Mushroom Kingdom, and yet it captures the simple elegance of Nintendo’s game designs in a way that I’ve come to expect. You control the […] More

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    Big Fish’s Latest Game Lets You Fry Your Way to the Top

    In short: You don’t have to love spending time in the kitchen to fall hard for Cooking Craze, the latest time-management game from Big Fish. I do enjoy cooking; there’s something zen about bringing colorful ingredients together in just the right way for palate-pleasing texture and flavor. You know what I don’t love? The raised […] More

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    Which Dice Game Is The Best? ELLEN vs. BUDDIES

    I can’t think of any game I enjoy more than dice. There’s just something about the sound of dice hitting the table that gives me a thrill. As such a huge fan of the game, you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to compare two popular versions: Dice with Ellen and Dice […] More

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    A Gorgeous MOBA That Truly Lets the Best Man (or Team) Win

    In short: There’s no pay-to-play nonsense going on with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It’s just nonstop action, beautiful graphics and real-time battles to energize your day. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of my favorite ways to get gaming in on the side. With a 9-to-5 and a toddler around, I can’t always get as […] More

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    9 Gadgets You Need For Your iPhone

    You love your iPhone. You go everywhere with it. With a relationship like that, your iPhone deserves to be treated like a king or queen. Below are top products we think you should be gifting your phone (and yourself), to make your relationship that much extra. 1. iPhone & Apple Watch Docks in Bamboo or […] More

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    Three Language Apps That Are A Must


    In Short: The app store has hundreds of language apps to chose from, but these are three of my favorites for those who want to learn. Language learning can be an exciting and lucrative experience. It lets you communicate with people of other cultures and improves your marketability in the workplace, but with thousands of […] More

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    Help! I Can’t Choose From These 5 iPhone Cases On Amazon

    So….I have been playing with fire — or, more precisely, with scratches, dings and the threat of a broken screen. That’s right — I’ve been walking around without a case on my iPhone. I’ve always wanted to live dangerously. After a particularly scary drop the other day (no broken screen! just a scratch on the […] More

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    What’s Going On At Jam City This Halloween?

    You may have noticed your apps have all turned halloweeny the past couple of weeks with the big day fast approaching (tomorrow). With special “holidays,” come rare updates, challenges and contests to get you in the festive season. However, there’s one game company that stood out from the rest and brought their Halloween announcement to […] More

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