Big Fish’s Latest Game Lets You Fry Your Way to the Top

In short: You don’t have to love spending time in the kitchen to fall hard for Cooking Craze, the latest time-management game from Big Fish.

I do enjoy cooking; there’s something zen about bringing colorful ingredients together in just the right way for palate-pleasing texture and flavor. You know what I don’t love? The raised voices of hungry people demanding food fast. Which puts me out of the real-life restaurant game and makes breakfast with toddlers (or grumpy teenagers) a harried affair. I love my family but I’m glad the people in Cooking Crazy don’t actually talk to you.

Instead, they stand at your virtual counter while a tiny time scale counts down their patience level. Serve up their order before it runs out and you get payment, a tip and maybe a comment card — all of which go into your game bank and let you upgrade equipment or even open new restaurants.

I don’t have time to read the entire manual before I work with an actual kitchen appliance (safety tips, yes, but a lot of the rest is trial and error). And I certainly don’t have time to read lengthy instructions before getting into the action of a mobile game. Cooking Craze is the perfect game if you’re like me in that regard. It starts you off with a basic donut shop.

Fry ’em up and serve ’em. You also get to add a bit of icing and run a milkshake machine, and as you work through the levels, you can add more fryers and even opt for sprinkles on the pastries.

Hands-on learning: it’s my kind of game, but it’s also realistic. You don’t jump into a high-end gourmet eatery and start slinging steaks, right?

The next big win from Cooking Craze is that you’re never going to get bored. As soon as you master one type of restaurant, you’ve probably earned enough points to open a new one. Move from donuts to burgers for example. Look at you, you’re a digital restaurant tycoon.

Whether you love to cook or just want a fun, colorful way to blow off stress and steam, Cooking Craze is a great game. If you download it today, by this evening you’ll be a donut-making master.

Download for iOS and Android.