3 Trending Games That Stood Out To Me… Based On Title

I took a peak at the current trending games and decided on three titles to download and play based on their name. Without knowing what to expect, and not reading any of the reviews (I mean… they are trending for a reason, right?) I went gung-ho and pressed “install.” Here are my findings…

1. Chicken Scream

I wasn’t sure what to think when I read scream in this title, but was like okay, maybe the chicken screams? Or something… But this game actually  requires no tapping. Instead, I had to move the chicken through the course, using my voice. I could scream, yell, sing, make random noises, whatever, and it would move the chicken. And, if I wanted to get really pitchy and dip into that high octave I only save for my soprano solos, I discovered my chicken will jump. However, this game is hard, like I’m there singing and yelling into my phone like a weirdo, and then i’m dead because I didn’t jump or didn’t have proper vocal control. 

Download on iOS & Android

 Chicken Scream- screenshot  Chicken Scream- screenshot

2. Cat Bird

First things I noticed, the pixel graphics are on point, and the music makes this game sounds straight from an arcade in the 80’s. The DL, Cat Bird’s home planet got attacked while he was napping, next thing he knows, he’s fallen onto a foreign planet and needs to find his way home. Seemed pretty basic to me until the level started making me think, and I had to start using my surroundings more strategically to complete the level. Oh, and why cat bird? Because the cat can fly, like a bird.

Download on iOS & Android Cat Bird- screenshot

3. My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

I know, it’s a My Little Pony game, but that’s why Bronies exist, and that’s mainly the reason I decided to download this game. So, if you’ve ever watched My Little Pony, then you know the pony’s speak in high pitched voices that are caring and are all about love and friendship, this game is no exception. I started off with a corny story about this dragon thing named Discord, who broke into the library and took a book it (he? she?) shouldn’t have; now it’s my duty to run across My Little Pony Land and save it from all the weird spells Discord is casting, all the while a rainbow is coming out of my butt (… can’t confirm this, but butt sounds more interesting than aura), and with the power of friendship, I’ll save the world. 

Download on iOS & Android

 My Little Pony Rainbow Runners- screenshot

In conclusion, the old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, was void. Taking judgement upon these apps simply for their names, ended with me being amused and discovering 3 fairly decent (okay… awesome, let’s be honest) games.