5 Games That Get You Tap Happy

Tap Happy | adjective | (ta-p ha-pee) – when you’re playing a game that moves on clicks, but get too into the game or over excited and tap too early or over tap.

We’ve all done it at one point or another, you’re consumed in a game, tapping away, and then an obstacle approaches and you suddenly tap by mistake in anticipation, or double tap, which usually ends in your death.

1. Dancing Line

This game is all about the music and your reflexes. To play, you just tap to the beat; you can try and tap to the map… but you’ll find yourself running into walls pretty easily. Plus come level 2 they throw in some tricks. There’s lots of sharp corners that are close together, making it the queen of tap happiness.

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2. Tap Tap Dash

Another game by Cheetah Mobile, and they’re calling it the World’s hardest game… I mean, I can see that in a sense, but the concept is pretty easy. You have to tap, tap your way through the path; over tap and you’ll fall off the path. The levels increase in difficulty and in pace, thus increasing your chance to over-tap, and there are other worlds with higher difficulties just waiting for you to get tap happy. 

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3. Stack

The goal is to stack the blocks as high as you can, but here’s the catch, if you don’t line them perfectly, your blocks shrink. Get them on perfectly 10x in a row, your blocks will grow. How does one get tap happy? The higher you stack them, the faster the blocks move, then you start over thinking and your pace changes thus throwing you off your game. 

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4. Crossy Roads

We all know the classic game Frogger from our childhoods, where our goal was to get Froggy across the road and over the pond. Crossy Roads is exactly like that but harder, and with a chicken. Tap too much, and you’ll find a car has run over you.

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5. Color Switch

Fairly simple game, your goal is to have the colours align and get the ball through the obstacle…. Go tap happy, and you’ve hit the wrong colour. My best score is 5…

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