This Weeks 3 Indie Games To Check Out

We checked out this weeks latest Indie Highlights as recommended by the app store, here are the top 3 games we think you should be playing:

Once Upon a Tower 

Prince Charming failed to save you but in his failure, he’s left behind his hammer; now it’s up to you to save yourself and escape from the guardian dragon in its tower of doom. Smash, smash, smash your way to freedom, but be careful, there’s enemies on duty.

Why we like it? You have to think quickly. Too slow and the dragon will take you back, too fast you’ll miss important items and potentially end up mince meat.

Download on Android & iOS

Super Phantom Cat 2 

Think of classic Super Mario, but instead you’re a cat, and rather than saving Princess Peach, it’s your sister, but from an alien UFO that kidnapped her. To find her, you must complete levels, make friends, collect coins and diamonds.

Why we like it? The graphics are really adorable and it’s a good mix between a classic RPG and platform game. The storyline is quirky, your diamonds and coins can be used to purchase items, and you can accomplish quests while unlocking new heroes to play with.

Download on Android & iOS

Chicken Jump – Crazy Traffic

It has nothing to do with chickens… Your goal is to avoid cars and collect coins. Crash into a car, and you’re dead.

Why we like it? The awesome pixel graphics and slow-mo crash scenes. The style of cars and pace also change as you pass waves, adding a level of difficulty in a simplistic way. It’s not a complicated game, but you’ll find yourself wanting to crush your last wave. 

Download on Android & iOS

Plus, with a promo video like this, how can you not want to play?