7 Reasons To Finally Make The Switch From iPhone to Android

For years now, the battle between iPhones and Android has been a fierce and competitive one. Though as the war rages on, there seems to be fewer differences between the two as each new software is released into the market; they seem to be borrowing each other’s best traits and features. However, there still seems to be few reasons for why you should stick with Android, or for you iPhone users to come on over to the dark side.

1. Price

The iPhone remains the most expensive smartphone, with an estimated average selling price of $649. This is more than double the average price of $247 for an Android phone. The Galaxy S8 is starting off at $720, whereas the iPhone 8, though a price has yet to be confirmed, is estimated to be the first of its kind to go over $1000.

2. Product Variety

With android, you can choose between several hundred different types of devices versus the two you can choose with iPhone. There are high-end smartphones with high quality processors and a larger display as well as cheaper ones depending on your budget. Many of these specific androids can easily compete, and even surpass the iPhone.