Three Photography Apps You Should Avoid

We all love to take photos with our magical phones, and apps make it possible to capture memories and turn them into artistic moments, or give them that little bit of extra. There are a ton of great apps out there… but there are also some photography apps that you shouldn’t bother downloading. We did grunt work for you and found 3 you shouldn’t bother downloading or paying “pro” for:


This photography app is supposed to create a digital bridge between your Nikon camera and your smartphone, making it easy to snap and share photos on the fly. Our colleague who likes to think he’s a professional with his drool worthy Nikon DSLR tried the app out, and we found that the app worked exactly as described- when you could get your phone and camera to communicate.

The pairing function of the app doesn’t seem to work with every device equally well, whether phone or camera, and it often goes rogue even after you’ve used it a few times. The short end of this stick is that until the kinks are worked out, you don’t gain much in the way of efficiency, but when they figure it out, you’ll be a social media king or queen with sick photos.


What you’re supposed to be able to do: add text, quotes and captions to your photographs. It’s a fun way to share messages, create branding or memes, or just up your Instagram game with inspirational quotes.

You’re probably thinking, “but it has great ratings on the app stores…” truth- but we think these are deceiving.

We’ve labelled it a don’t download because you basically can’t do anything without paying for the pro version, and even then it seems like a rip off when there are better alternatives. With free you’re stuck with their watermark, and you’re limited down to about 5 background images and fonts. People seem to like the functionality they get when they upgrade to the paid version, but getting your subscription to follow you to a new type of device seems like an impossible task- hello poor customer service. Plus it’s not a very intuitive app.

Gudak Cam

Image result for gudak app logoThis is one of those novelty apps that’s definitely after a niche market. Basically the app gives you the experience of a traditional film camera, but without having to pay for development or get stuck with a boat load of photos that will likely sit around the house and collect dust. We tried it out, and it was surprisingly fun having the suspense about how the photos turned out, but then at the end of the day, we had to wait 3 days before we can see the photos because they’re being “developed,” and we may have deleted the photos we didn’t like… so it kind of went against the point.

I think the experience is unique, but you might as well go get a real film camera and go through the process. Otherwise having to wait can be annoying and I think down the line I’d forget to review the photos at the end of the 3 days.

Have you tried either of these out? Did we save you the hassle? Or did you have a different experience? Let us know in the Facebook comments!