Three Language Apps That Are A Must

In Short: The app store has hundreds of language apps to chose from, but these are three of my favorites for those who want to learn.

Language learning can be an exciting and lucrative experience. It lets you communicate with people of other cultures and improves your marketability in the workplace, but with thousands of words and grammar rules, becoming fluent in another language is a daunting task. Luckily, in this modern age, we have many tools to help us climb the mountain to linguistic perfection, including fun mobile language apps.


Memrise is one of my personal favorites because it has a wide array of courses that span from beginning vocabulary to advanced phrases and idiomatic expressions. The app is designed for the divergent thinker, which means you don’t have to abide by arbitrary lesson orders and can choose topics that interest or would be especially beneficial to you.

This app is unbeatable for helping you pick up vocab quickly – I once memorized over 300 words in less than a week using Memrise. The learning sessions use spaced reputation, a memory technique that reviews words at increasing intervals as you become familiar with them. This ensures vocabulary is moved deeper into your permanent memory the more you use the app.

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If you want to be immersed in a language via a gamified system that’s fun, you need to try Duolingo. It pairs vocabulary and learning activities with games and streak counts, which can make it more likely you’ll stay on course with learning. Hearts act as “health count” just like in video games; right answers fill your hearts and wrong answers take them away. I also found that if I hadn’t “played” in awhile, that my lessons I progressed to gets taken away because they see it as you forgetting

Working with Duolingo is easy, because some of the lessons and activities are short enough to fit in on a break or during a commute. This app is also a favorite for school systems, so you know it’s backed by real education principles. Plus, they are always adding new languages, so there’s lots of variety if you’re looking to expand and find Duolingo works for you.

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Busuu provides a structured classroom-like curriculum that intertwines vocabulary and grammar with a focus on making you conversational. After you have a basic understanding of the language, the app lets you converse with native speakers to improve your confidence and ability to speak.

While I prefer the interactive and customizable approaches of Memrise and Duolingo, there’s something to be said for a bit of structure. Plus, Busuu helps out with grammar questions, which can be important if you plan to write in the new language.

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With these three apps on your phone, you’ll be a language guru. Is there a language app you think deserves a mention? Tell us in the Facebook comments!