Which Dice Game Is The Best? ELLEN vs. BUDDIES

I can’t think of any game I enjoy more than dice. There’s just something about the sound of dice hitting the table that gives me a thrill. As such a huge fan of the game, you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to compare two popular versions: Dice with Ellen and Dice with Buddies. After playing both games extensively, I’ve chosen my favorite, but before I get to the big reveal, let’s break down the differences between them.

Both games were developed by the same company and share the same basic game play. They both have a familiar Yahtzee-style platform, offer head-to-head match ups, tournament-style play, Facebook connection, and have opportunities to win “”dice”” to spend on extra turns or tournament entries. What sets these two games apart from each other are the extra features and playability.

Dice with Ellen

What first struck me about Dice with Ellen was the music, since it’s the same catchy tune that used to play at the beginning of her show. Ellen frequently pops in during game play with words of encouragement or jokes, and the layout is bright and engaging. The tournament is set up to pit players against members of Ellen’s staff, which adds a fun element for those who watch the show frequently. Overall, the game is designed well and should be a hit with Ellen fans who love dice.

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Dice with Buddies

Dice with Buddies is set up with the same platform, but without the music and Ellen sound bites. I thought that would impact the experience negatively, but it was easier to focus on the game without those distractions. I also discovered that the tournaments offer a do-over on losses in exchange for watching a short advertisement, making it easier to reap the benefits of a winning streak. Finally, the dinosaur-dig side game creates extra opportunities to earn experience points and extra dice to extend game play.

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When I first downloaded both games, I anticipated that Dice with Ellen was going to be my clear favorite. Although I’m a huge fan of Ellen and the theme was fun, I found myself playing Dice with Buddies longer and working harder to level up. For me, Dice with Buddies takes the gold, but Dice with Ellen was a very close second. I would happily recommend either game to anyone looking for a fun way to pass the time.