You Asked And They Listened. HBO Now Is Finally Getting It Right!

Binge watching multiple seasons of your favorite shows has emerged as one of this century’s favorite guilty pleasures, and HBO has wanted to get in on it for a long time. At first glance, it isn’t hard to see why; for years, HBO put out some of my own favorite shows (okay, mostly Game of Thrones, but John Oliver can be funny when he tries), and it makes sense in the age of Netflix to make that content available on demand. The problem is that, as a legacy TV network at heart, HBO has had a few false starts.

One such was (and I guess still is) HBO GO, which tries to be an on-demand service. I wouldn’t know for sure because GO – bizarrely – requires you to already have signed up for a premium cable package. With that attitude, GO might as well require you to pay the bill in Prussian Francs delivered by horse-drawn carriage. The underwhelming performance of HBO GO may have motivated the network to develop HBO NOW, which seems to finally be ringing the bell for those of us who’ve got 50 bucks on whether or not Tyrion Lannister has a shot at the Iron Throne.

Use It However, Whenever

HBO NOW is an app that streams premium HBO content straight to your home computer or mobile device. Unlike GO, HBO NOW does not require you to already have a cable package at home, which is great, because I don’t. Instead, for $15 a month, you basically have unlimited access to an HBO machine that feeds drama, comedy and darkly comedic dramas (HBO’s specialty) to you whenever you want it. Right now they have a 1 month free trial, you can basically watch the new season of Game of Thrones for free!

Watching It All the Time Now

HBO NOW has, as its name would imply, a full catalog of the most popular shows on HBO. . . well, right now. But it also has an impressive archive of programs from seasons past, such as The Wire and Band of Brothers, which I actually signed up to HBO for a couple of months just to watch back when that was something people did. HBO NOW is also packed with the amazing content HBO has been coming out with lately. GoT we’ve touched on already, but I’ve also used NOW to catch up on The Leftovers and True Detective, both of which I had shamefully not been keeping up with.

A Game of Thrones Among Streaming Services

Everything about HBO NOW seems to be in order, and I’ve really enjoyed the stuff they already have on the service, but my inner cynic tells me HBO still has a few steps to climb before it gets to the top of the hill. But with the advantage of pure, amazing, uncensored HBO content, how can I not download the app and get 1 months free.