What’s Going On At Jam City This Halloween?

You may have noticed your apps have all turned halloweeny the past couple of weeks with the big day fast approaching (tomorrow). With special “holidays,” come rare updates, challenges and contests to get you in the festive season.

However, there’s one game company that stood out from the rest and brought their Halloween announcement to a whole notha level with their show, The Wrap. I’m talking about Jam City,  with their fabulous MC, Karl Mummenfeld, who is full of personality, I can see why he was picked as MC; need I say more… 

The Wrap has it all, a drunk exhausted momma, a brewing romance and the downlow on all of Jam City’s hottest apps. To help Mummenfeld give all the deets, he has with him Sheila, an exhausted Vampire Mom, Greg, a New York ogre, and Scarlett, the Southern Bellewolf.

First, we have to talk about Sheila. This vampie momma is full of sass and attitude but mixed in with full exhaustion since she’s a mom of 6. She’s not afraid to share too many details, and always has a drink in hand. You can tell she’s all over those cocktails.

Meanwhile, Greg gives off the average Joegre vibe. He probably works in the financial district and pays a buck load of cash to live in a 400sqft box somewhere in upper Manhattan. 

Last but not least, we have lil Miss Scarlett, with all the grace of a flirty Southern Belle. She’s fairly silent throughout the entire show, but she has her moments. As they say, you have to watch out for the quiet ones.

So what new released and updates can we expect from Jam City’s Mobile Games? Here’s the scoop:

Panda Pop

Will have a special flash sale, they’re calling it the Black Friday but for Pandas. At least you won’t have to wait in line for this sale.

Cookie Jam

Who knew this was named Facebook’s game of the year? I didn’t, but they’ll be having a special Marshmalloween Aisle, with exciting challenges, and they even have a contest going on for the spookiest homemade treat; the winner will receive in-coin games and Cookie Jam swag. How easy is that? And if you love baking or creating, even better. Time to put those skills to the test.

Other exciting releases…

Marvel Avengers Academy has a special villain on the scene who’s recruiting zombies.

Family Guy Another Freaking Mobile Game facebook fan page is having a contest to see the scariest human fan.

And Futurama has an interesting Halloween feature story to get you in the mood. The gameplay will require you to join others to defeat an evil robot.

But aside from that, we have ask, what’s going on between Greg and Miss Scarlett? There’s definite chemistry, flirting, bold moves, and even an invitation to ones house… We can’t tell if Greg is aware he’s being hit on, but I don’t think that’s going to deter Miss Scarlett anytime soon; let’s hope we receive an update on these two asap.

You go Miss Scarlett.

Watch The Wrap below! Feel that chemistry, hear the game updates yourself and become enthralled with all these fun characters.