A Gorgeous MOBA That Truly Lets the Best Man (or Team) Win

In short: There’s no pay-to-play nonsense going on with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It’s just nonstop action, beautiful graphics and real-time battles to energize your day.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of my favorite ways to get gaming in on the side. With a 9-to-5 and a toddler around, I can’t always get as involved in PC gaming as I’d like, but mobile games often leave me feeling gypped when it comes to action or graphics. While they’ve come a long way, there’s just some things you can’t accomplish with your finger and a screen the size of your hand.

Enter Mobile Legends, which actually does a lot within the limitations of mobile gaming. Here’s what I like best about this app, which you can play on a smartphone or tablet.

  • The graphics are truly stunning. Nothing cartoony or kiddie here, but plenty of colors light up the battles, and the characters are well-drawn. With so much action on the screen, I was worried something would get lost in translation, but weapons, shots and tiny minions battling it out beside my character all come through loud and clear.
  • The controls are pretty slick. Instead of relying on drag, drop and swipe controls, Mobile Legends solves a big problem by integrating a virtual joy stick on the screen. You use one finger to manage the characters movement and a finger from the other hand to manage skills.
  • You don’t have to wait around for matches just to get into play. Within 10 seconds, you’re set for a battle, and then the battles last around 10 minutes once you get past the leveling up required during tutorial rounds. I love this because that means I can fit some intense gaming in to just about any part of my day or I can relax in the recliner with some snacks and spend half the night taking out enemy towers with my team.

One final thing I’ll mention is that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is epic for a MOBA. You’ll discover multiple areas, several wild bosses and so many fun characters. It’s definitely a download worth delving into for PC gamers looking for some on-the-go fun.

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